Answers to Questions You Probably Have

What is Log Rolling?

The centuries-old talent of walking on a log during river drives evolved into a fun and exciting competitive sport. Rollers square off — two at a time — in an effort to roll their counterpart off the log and into the water. Rollers use their amazing footwork to roll the log with both forward and backward revolutions, changing pace and direction to disrupt the balance of their competition. Beginners spend most of their time learning to stay on the log by themselves. Once this occurs they begin to roll other students, and eventually compete in tournaments! The sport and its athletes have been featured numerous times on ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games (which was hosted in MADISON a few years ago!), ABC’s Wide World of Sports, and the Outdoor Life Network. Due to the small number of competitors in the sport, many who stick with it will one day be rolling on ESPN!

What do I need to wear and bring to my first log rolling class?

Any type of clothing that you can move around in and get wet is perfect for log rolling! Most folks just roll in their swimming suits or athletic shorts and tops. Rollers at the lake are required to wear footwear for safety. Aqua socks are good, lace-up canvas shoes are better, and Teva Kayaking shoes are the best! If you don't have any shoes that can be worn in the lake, Madison Log Rolling has a small selection from which you may borrow. In addition to shoes, make sure to bring a water bottle and a smile.

Will I get hurt?

There is a good chance you may leave with a bruised shin at some point, but beyond that the occurrence of injury is minimal. 

Are the logs real wood?

Yes. They are all lathe-turned Western red cedar. We have two types of logs at Lake Wingra. All classes (except for the Advanced Class) will roll on our traction (carpet) logs. 

It looks easy... is it?

Heck no! If you are able to stay on the log for more than five seconds on your first try, you’re already better than most! Everybody, even the pros, struggled in their first year with this sport. That said, log rolling is probably the most fun you’ll ever have falling off of something.

What are your make-up/cancelation/weather policies?

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